The foundation was established in the summer 2011 at the initiative of Dorota Gudaniec (called "Mother of medical marijuana in Poland"). The Foundation's goal is to help disabled people and their families. Foundation Krok Po Kroku (eng. Step by Step Foundation) is a non-governmental organisation that has been supporting people with disabilities and their families since 2011. The portfolio of the Foundation comprises  various forms of support for disabled people: common room for adults with disabilities, Rehabilitation Center for deeply retarded children, Early Child Development Support, therapies such as Vojta, NDT  Bobath, Sensory Integration, brain micropolarisation (tDC method), speech therapy and speech neuro-therapy.

The Foundation also organizes training and workshops for parents, volunteers, carers of disabled people and staff working with disabled people. The Foundation has the status of a Public Benefit Organisation, which makes it possible to service a sub-account and collect a 1% tax for its mentees. In 2015 it has launched an informational activity for the medical properties of hemp - since then it has been periodically allowing patients and mentees access to doctors using hemp-based preparations in their practice. In 2016, the Foundation published one of the first books on medical marijuana on the Polish market: "Medical Marihuana. Experiences of a medical practitioner", by an American doctor, David Casarett.

Rehabilitation Center
Early Support of Child Development
Sensory Integration
Rehabilitation and therapy
Sub-accounts 1% tax
Psychological support
Medical consultation
Center for the disabled
Medical Marijuana - consultations
Brain micropolarisation (tDCS method)


More information about Foundation:
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