The conference "Medical marijuana in theory and practice" goes towards specialisation. The slogan of the May event will be "The practice of marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy".
The first day will be devoted to general knowledge about cannabis and its medicinal use. Saturday lectures will interest both physicians who want to include cannabis in their practice as well as a wide audience, including patients and their carers.
On the second day in the morning the conference will host several foreign neuroscientists who will share their experience in the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy, and in the afternoon they will jointly review several cases of drug-resistant epilepsy presented by us in the context of the possibility and purposefulness of marijuana in their treatment. The form of a medical concil during a conference is a unique form on the scale of cannabis events in Europe and in the world!



The conference is intended mainly for physicians (especially for neurologists) and for patients and their families, although the knowledge passed on the first day will be general and directed to all those interested in acquiring or broadening knowledge of the medical potential of cannabis.


  • DOCTORS AND MEDICAL PERSONNEL – they will gain reliable knowledge they will be able to use in their work
  • PATIENTS AND CARERS – get to know new treatment options and health problems’ solutions
  • ALL INTERESTED – they will have a unique opportunity to get the knowledge from the most reliable sources - from experienced practitioners from Poland and abroad


  • You will learn facts and myths about medical marijuana
  • You will learn what medical marijuana is, for what (and why) it helps and how to use it in specific medical cases
  • You will have a unique opportunity to listen to the best experts in the medical world of marijuana, from Poland and abroad
  • You will get evidence of the effectiveness of medical marijuana in neurological diseases and practical advice on the course of cannabinoid-based therapy
  • The knowledge gained during the conference comes from the best sources: you do not have to travel abroad to learn more - just come to Wroclaw for the weekend
  • You will meet patients, caregivers and physicians who use cannabis medicine and you will have the chance to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Conference will start on:


"Marijuana, like morphine, has its place in medicine and can't pretend it doesn't help the sick"
  [prof. Jerzy Vetulani]

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